9800 gtx+ sli vs gtx 260

iS there any comparison of the two like a side by side test
I already have two 9800gtx+ in sli but was curious for a future upgrade would the 260s show a good amount of gain over my 9800?
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  1. 2x9800GTX+ beat any single card out there (including GTX 280 and GTX 260)so really why do u want a GTX 260? your setup performs better than both GTX 280 and 260,is there really any game that u cant max out? upgrade something when u really dont get the performance u want.
  2. ha I'm sorry I meant to put gtx260 in sli
  3. Are u disappointed with what u have? 2x9800GTX will handle everything fine.
  4. Hey you wanna sell your 9800gtx+ sli? and make money so you can get the 260 cheaper? :D
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