Good sites to buy from?

I have a friend who's looking to upgrade his computer, was wondering if anyone could point me to some good custom built computer sites or good sites to buy parts that ship to Europe? I unfortunately only know of American sites, clueless to where European buy their hardware.

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  1. Where in Europe? Norway? Spain? Ukraine?
  2. Oh my, european sites.. I have no idea either. NEWEGG FTW!!!

    sorry had to say it, I'm sure you already know :D
  3. Hes in Finland.

    And yes, Newegg ftw
  4. i see newegg fanboy's on the horizon >.> KIDDING

    yes we all love newegg
  5. Tell him to google it. In Denmark the have a site called
    and I think it is as well in Sweden they are a price guide with links to all the vendors in their respective countries arranged by lowest to highest price for every given piece of hardware.
  6. In Sweden or Norway it's or
    (the Komplett web sites in UK, Germany, Austria and France were closed a month ago.)

    Ireland (English site)

    Many of the UK sites also ship to EU countries:
  7. Thanks for the help Rolli59 and WR2.
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