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I work for a retail business that pays for remote backup of their POS data and various other documents.

I think its time we did some shopping around because it seems that we are being charged a bit of a high rate. $23.75 per gig. but we do get 30 days of redundancy. So we could go back and restore a file from 30 days ago.

I looking for some user experience in this area, hopefully someone could give me a good recommendation. Here's the tech info:

Current company: Retail Safe Express, aka backupnation

Current Used backup: 6.31GB
Data: 3.63GB (101,577 files)
Recycle Bin: 2.68GB
Total Backup: 8.95GB (144,289 files)
Operating System: Windows 2000 Server
Connection Speed: 512k DSL (Yes it is very slow I know)
Nightly Backup at 11pm usually takes an hour to complete.
30 Days of Redundancy
448-bit encryption
Free Phone Support

So yes $23.75/gig at almost 9 gigs = $213.75 bucks a month or $2550/year Yikes! There has got to be a cheaper company.

We obviously don't want to give up any of the features we have, we just want a better rate.
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  1. Hi Mate - We use - so long as you don't mind your data being backed up in the UK.
    You can define any level of redundancy you like - you simply pay for what you store - we find the support and uptime to be great - pricing
  2. With your slow connection and very small storage need, $2550 can buy a lot of thumb drives or external hd. Do auto backup on an external hard drive. Faster and cheaper. Have you had to use your online backup? Just thinking...
  3. www.blockbackup.comI am in the same boat, slow upload speed. This is the reason I went for a solution called "online backup lite", you can find it at .

    The reason I went for these guys is because you can run a backup to disk send them your disk and they will transfer and send back. I only ever backup at incremental levels. This service also allows me to backup locally as well as offsite at the same time.

    The other reason I chose then is they only charge 2.99 per month.
  4. Microsoft SkyDrive + Gladinet @ provides 25 G of storage
  5. I am the CTO of we provide secure data backup solutions to companies across the globe. we are a Hipaa/Sox and now a Safe Harbor self certified company. Our business packages include all agents, including SQL, Exchange, Notes etc. In addition our software gives you the option to backup locally in addition to offsite.
    please feel free to give me a buzz 347-741-8600 ext 200
    Moti Mitteldorf
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