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4 gb ram with 1gb gpu on 32bit win7

I currently have 2gb of ram,also planning to buy a HD6750 1gb graphic card & more 2gb of ram which changes my configuration frm 2gb ram to 4gb also 1gb gpu.
So my question is that can a 32bit win 7 will be able to address whole memory(4gb ram +1gb gpu)?
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  1. No, but why not install 64 bit? Window 7 keys works for 32 bit as well as 64 bit as long as it is the same version (e.g. home premium key needs to be used on home premium 32 bit or 64 bit).
  2. I have a dvd of win7 which asks x86 or x64 during installation.
    Is x64 is 64bit version?
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    x64 is the 64 bit version

    ur original question: if u install 4gb ram with 1 gb graphic card on 32 bit windows, ur windows will use 1 gb of graphic ram + 3gb of RAM (3gb usage of total 4gb).

    both ur bios and windows recognize 4gb of RAM but 32 bit OS can use total 4gb so 3GB RAM + 1GB graphic
  4. So after installing the x64 version windows will be capable of addressing as well as utilizing my total of 5gb memory
  5. @gagan
    Exactly what myowaiwin stated.

    In addition to this, the OS generally will not restriction applications to just 2GB of memory address space, and also if you use x64 applications e.g. Office 2010 x64 they will be slightly faster than the older x86 versions.
  6. thanx everyone
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  8. thanks
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