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Hi there

I have a question that might be silly...

I have a watercooling system (koolance exos AL). I know its really old and not the best anymore etc.

I use to have a Zalman 9700led and I overcloced my i7 920 to 3.8ghz but the temps touched 85c. With the Koolance Exos Al I'm running at 4.1ghz at the same temps. (I run Prime95 small fft's for 24 hours)

My question is this: My Koolance uses 6mm pipes. What I want to do is as the pipe leave the reservoir/pumps, I want to change the 6mm to 8mm pipe. I want to run the 8mm pipe from there to my cpu block and from the cpu block to my 120mm radiator and from there to my koolance radiator. Just before the koolance radiator I want to change the pipe back to 6mm so that it will fit onto the radiator.

Anyone out there that can give me advice. I'm very new to watercooling.

My system specs:
i7 920 @ 4.1ghz 1.325v
Asus P6T Deluxe v1
6gig Kingston HyperX 1600mhz XMP
Lian Li A71 black
Koolance Exos AL watercooling
1x 750gig Seagate sata
5x 1tb Seagate sata
5x 1.5tb Seagate sata
1x LG Dvd writer

PS: I know you guys are going to tell me to get a better watercooling kit, but this koolance is doing the job very well and I got it for free. After upgrading to my i7 I wont be able to spend a lot of money EVER on my pc again. lol
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  1. Changing the tube size really would not help much in your case. You'd need a better rad + bigger tubing (with out reduction) in order to really change much. May also need a better pump.

    What I'd do is just down clock the i7 to say like 3.6Ghz and save money for a real WCing loop (~$250).
  2. thanks for the reply.

    I have 2 rads, the koolance one witch is 120x2 and then a seperate Thermaltake TGM1 120mm. the Rads are connected in series like everything in my system since I only cool the cpu with it.

    do you think the Thermaltake 120mm rad is worth putting in the loop?

    Wouldnt changing the pipe size help a bit since now the water will be going at 8mm into my cpu block instead of 6mm. The 8mm will continue from my cpu block and through the Thermaltake rad at 8mm and then change back to 6mm before going into my koolance's rad.

    Also, wouldnt changing from 6mm to 8mm help my flow rates?
  3. I'm not going to downclock since the temps are still safe and i'm not really overvolting my cpu. using real temp i'v never seen my temps go over 65c while gaming or even video converting.
  4. Changing the pipe (tubing) size for you is just fine. It won't make any difference in temps or flow. Adding that rad will help. Your loop will still have lots of 6mm tubing, so adding some 8mm isn't going to help much at all.

    It's not the best solution, but it's what you got.
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