P5W-DH Deluxe beeps twice at startup and shut down???

My mother board beeps twice before it gets to bios i believe. and when i shut down it down, a brief one beep right before it completely shuts down..I have no errors, no problems, and no signs that there is anything wrong...it's done this for a long time now...Since i built it..Everything runs fine...Just wondering what it is or why it does it...Is it just telling me that its powering on and shutting down?? I have OC'd from 2.4 to 2.8ghz but did that before anyways...hasn't really botherd me that much but now i have a 3 month old and hate restarting my pc when hes sleeping as i am always doing something that requires restarts, but not cause of errors..Can i get rid of the beeps or turn off the motherboard speaker if its nothing to worry about like its just telling me its powering on??? I would like to fix this problem, as its just starting to anoy me, especially since i have a silent pc except for this....i will be glad to have any help or suggestions...
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  1. It doesn't have an onboard piezo. Just disconnect the case mini-speaker or piezo.
  2. its not hooked to the case, its intergraded in the board
  3. Mine (Rev 1.xx) doesn't have it onboard and I don't have a case speaker connected to it. You could block the small hole on top of the onboard piezo.
  4. Why don't you fix it ? Is everything seated properly ? Did you pull out hardware and re-seat it ? How's about the ram ?..... try 1 stick, try different slots, try different ram.- can you get into the bios ? Are all connections tight ?
  5. all hardware is working, was just on a site where they said thats a good thing,,its the bios post beep, they say everything is ok....
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