HDD not recognized after Vista freezing

Hello there,

I have a problem with my computer and i confess it is the first time i have ever experienced such an issue,

I have assembled my computer , my 100th or so, and after 6 months of usage my system drive froze and never came back to life, after having it recognized by my BIOS i tryed a clean Vista install to no avail, the disk was damaged.

So i went to the store, and got a new, same price, diferent brand, 1 month and half later the disk freezes , the system reboots itself and it didn't work ever again, i asked the store support to check the disk and they were completely baffled, the disk didn't work, so i got a 3rd new drive and again different brand... yesterday i had a hickup and i had to install all over again.

First of all here is a discription of my system,

CPU : Intel Q6600 Quad
MoBo: DFI X38 DK T2R
RAM : 2x 2GB Infineon Dual Channel DDR2 RAM
PSU: BeQuiet! 650WATT

HDD: 1st drive was a Samsung 320GB HDD SATA / 2nd was a Western Digital Caviar 320GB ( Blue ) SATA / 3rd is now an HITACHI 320GB

2ND HDD : Samsung 500GB SATA ( worked always wonderfully )

OPTICAL DRIVES : 1 DVD Recorder 1 dvd reader

OS : Vista Home Premium x64bit Edition

So at first i tought.. hmm perhaps its lack of power as i have a huge tower with 4 120mm fans and one huge 350mm side fan a A-Plus El Diablo Advance ( Christmas gift... ) and the side fan never worked well, i checked all the cabling , even had a replace and i ended up to know tha A-Plus has some problems with its hardware fan controler, well, i had the fan disconnected and ran the system only with 3 120mm fans, and made some readings of the PSU.. all looks good ( or seems to ).

Now the odd part, i can be playing a game, browsing the internet or just typng a document and the issue is, the computer freezes, or starts to freeze for short time periods, than if it reboots after about 1 minute stoped or i have to reboot it, the system drive is no longer recognized by my motherboard.

All other parts work wonderfully , except for the system drive.

I have tryed Vista with superfetch, without, with some services off, with them on, with AERO, without AERO, with drivers pulled by windows update itself, without.. nothing, the results are always the same.

So does anyone has an opinion? A tought? A question? I work in the IT field and this kinda embarasses me as i am at a loss to understand what is wrong with my setup, its the first time i have ever had such problems.

Thanks .
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  1. This is weird,

    Have you tested the hard drive yourself?

    WD have their own software and Im sure you may be able to find something on Hitachi site.

    Try HD Tune.

    Remember to test it in another computer, didnt say this at first as Iv noted that you work in the IT feild, but doesnt hurt to remind you.

    The hangs could be related to overheating cpu or graphics card, bad install of os or curropt files. Test in that order, check all fans are clean, check the graphics and cpu in another computer if you can.

    I really dont have a clue, but all them test may help narrow down the possibilities.

    May even be worth doing the whole bread boarding test, 1 component at a time.

    Test RAM using memtest.

    Could be a bad motherboard.

    Your PSU is more than enough for your system, but Im not sure on the manufacturers, so try another psu.

    Try all this and then post back, just another big drawback with IT work, "trial and error" time...
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