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My grandparents took their laptop in for repair and had to have the OS(Win XP SP3) re-installed. They brought the laptop down for me to look at because they could not find Solitaire :) I figured I'd just go to components and add games, right?

Went to;

- Control Panel
- Add/Remove Windows Components
- Accessories and Utilites

And there is no games option to add Solitaire back in. I backed out and looked at the list of components to see if there was a lone games component and nothing....

Any idea how I can add the games back in for them, given there is nothing in the component option to do so?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. copy the games you want from your XP installation: C:\WINDOWS\system32 and put them in your grandparents' install.
  2. I looked then searched the XP CD that I have and didn't see anything I could install.
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