Network interface card for SATA drives

I hold a DVD-ROM drive which is SATA type. I wish to use on my PC. Operating system is WindowsXP.

I have SATA drive and a data cable. I wish to purchase an interface card with power cable for it. Can anyone assist me where and what to get to resolve my problem please.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Ok...I think we have some confusion here.

    Your Network Interface Card has nothing to do with SATA or any DVD-ROM.

    If you are looking for power, you will need SATA or molex power (depends on your drive) from your Power Supply.

    If your power supply doesn't have any connectors that will fit, you'll need a conveter - molex to SATA, etc.

    If that doesn't answer the question, please restate and we'll try again.
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