Hi everyone,

So I am having a problem connecting my computer (eg. xfs 8800gt) to my tv (eg. Sony 52" BRAVIA 1080p HDTV) so whenever i connect the computer through vga table to the tv (vga port), it works on full resolution. However, if I connect the tv through a cable to is one end dvi and the other HDMI (to hdmi port), it doesnt give me the same resolution.

Anyone know whats wrong and why?

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  1. Did u change the desktop resolution from your pc ?
  2. technically dvi is supposed to give you much much more resolution, it is very strange why it goes down for you, very very strange.
  3. Yes, I changed the resolution to the highest possible in both cases. It switches it back down by itself, even though I hit the keep resolution button. It is strange, any ideas?
  4. go in nvidia control panel and set custom resolution?
  5. Your tv may scale the picture differently for different inputs.

    Or perhaps its the HDCP chip that isn't happy.
  6. I tried the custom resolution as well in the control panel.
  7. yeah than your hdcp chip is preventing it because hdcp downscales when it senses one of the components isnt hdcp compliant. check your video card to see if its hdcp compliant and your monitor too.
  8. hdcp can be a pain...i agree with boxzor and hixbot. Its your most likely culprit. Possible its a driver issue (had similar experience with 3870x2 running on the exact same model TV which you speak) though i was able to get it working after about twenty minutes of tinkering. (ie flashing bioses, updating drivers...etc)

    an 8800gt should be hdcp complient (question is which version and what version does your TV run). If your TV has a newer spec, your basically screwed tell u upgrade.
  9. i dont think the early 8800gt's were hdcp compliant. although i could be wrong.
  10. personally i don't recall ever seeing an 8800gt listed specs that wasn't HDCP complient....could be a possiblity all the same though considering how many of those cards flew off the shelves during it's release leaving many people in wait for new stocks. Well that or what i mentioned above are the only likely culprits that come to mind. best of luck to you killersfan.
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