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Hi guys!

I need some help please, I just bought an internal 3.5" 1TB HD WD Black Caviar (930gb avaible), and I was wondering if there is a way to create 2 partitions, working like this:

the first one would be a storage partition, lets say 850 gb for movies, games, and so on.

The second one, would be the boot partition, where I would install Windows 7, progs, etc. (games being installed on another raid0 bunch of HDs) meaning 80gb > I think that should be enough for Windows, progs (about 10 gb) and music (about 5 gb), correct ?

What I really need, is the storage partition to work properly as a normal storage memory hardware, even if I had to reinstall windows on the boot partition.

Is it possible to create that and if yes, how do I do it ?

Please, be precise about creating the partition, what should it be, a simple volume ? etc.

Thank you very much for your time, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year !

Sam, Switzerland
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  1. first partition should be your boot/windows/frequent apps partition (80-100GB). That's in the 1st 10% of your HD, located on the fastest tracks. During the win 7 install there will be an option to create a partition & install win 7 on it. There's a 100MB partition already there, don't mess with that.

    Once you install windows, you can create a partition for the rest of the stuff (not in front of a win 7 PC now, but I think you right click on my computer, manage, then disk management) - click on the unformatted space, probably right click and create partition. Just simple volume, you're not doing any raid stuff with it. Default cluster size, format it & should be good to go.
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