Help with overclock crash

Hi guys.

I keep getting a blue screen every couple days or so under windows 7, but the problem was under vista as well.

I suspect it's due to the OC of my CPU..

BTW, I did run an analysis of the kernel memory dump but not sure where to post it :)

here are some of my specs:

Intel E8400@ 3.98 Ghz - 1.36v
FSB: 440 Mhz

memory is not over voltaged as far as i remember.
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  1. If you havent done that already - download Memtest and test the memory. Download prime95 and stress the cpu/check for errors. What memory is it(speed)?
  2. System specs?
  3. Easy solution, lower your overclock :kaola:

    Test your RAM with Memtest and your CPU with Prime95.
    Post back your complete system specs and the results of these two tests.

    Do NOT post the kernel dump!!
    It has no pertinent information and will only serve to annoy us with pages of useless data.
  4. sry for taking so long on the stress test,

    so prime95 ran for 13.5 hours and memtest86 v3.5 did 8 passes with no errors.

    no Bluescreen since then BTW, maybe the GPU is at fault?
  5. bluescreen usually indicates unstability or corruption and sense your cpu is oc thats the best chance... overheating also will cause it to bs...if both of those are fine check ram and gpu stability
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