Windows 7 System Restore Messed Up Overclock

I did a system restore lastnight and my overclock fails uppon startup now.

What it does is when I hit the power button, the system starts, but nothing comes on the screen. I hold down the power button again to shut it off. When I restart it tells me overclocked failed. It gives me two options, go into setup, or restore defaults. I go into setup and my overclock settings are the same, I F10, reboot and pc starts..

This all started after a system restore.. How can I fix it?

Win 7 64bit
Core i7 920
Asus P6T
6 Gigs of ram
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  1. Best way to do it is backup your stuff and do a fresh install. Before this set everything to defaults. Then try overclocking again.
  2. "Overclocking Failed" has nothing to do with Windows or any OS you're using.
    It could also be the cause for why you needed to restore Windows.

    Go in to the BIOS as usual, and adjust your settings. For some reason your hardware doesn't want to play ball anymore, could be a tonne of reasons for that. I get it everytime my PC is unplugged for more than a few hours, so for me I think its possibly the power supply or power regulation on the motherboard.

    I choose to live with it, but I know if I decrease my CPU speed a small bit it'll go away.
  3. For the heck of it I reset the bios. But the problem continues. Booting into windows from a complete shutdown is hit and miss with overclock settings. However, I did notice if I start and nothing comes up, I can hit the reset button and it will then boot.

    And when I mean nothing comes up, I mean nothing.. No POST info, nothing.

    I know when its going to boot right away into windows when the hd light lights up when I hit the power button. If it doesnt, I know I'll have to hit the reset button. This all started after the system restore.

    I dont understand what could have happened. The only noticeable problem before this was losing internet access. I tried several things to regain internet access, including a system restore to the day before. Then I discovered my ethernet switch had froze. Unplugging and replugging the power fixed that.

    I'm kinda at a loss. I'll probably reinstall the OS.
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