Kingston HYPERX 6400 problem for a not very rich gamer

Hello wondering if anyone can help I have just bought a 2x1GB kit of Kingston Hyperx 6400 as an upgrade from some Kington Value 5300 for £30 (which has not gone down to £24 GRRR I'm a budget gamer!) My motherboard supports up to 1066 but is showing this new pair at 667 and so is Sandra Lite. The ram has 6400 stickers on it and its from Dabs. I can manually set the ram to 800 in the bios but i'm not 100% sure about doing this. Anybody else had this problem?

MOBO: Gigabyte GA G31MX-S2
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  1. hey stevester
    yes u do want 2 up it.2 get the most out of it.
    and if you have any stability issues u might want 2 set you memory voltage at 2.0
    I look on the Egg that most kinston 6400s stock volts r 2.0 or 1.95. Did not see your model there.
    The default setting on Asus 790FX board is 1.80 and changes in incruments of .02 so i can't hit 1.95 have to go 1.94 or 1.96
    But is should run at 1.80 with no problems
  2. What cpu do you have? If it has a 1333mhz FSB, the motherboard automatically down clocks the RAM so that its synced (ie. 1:1 memory divider). Dont worry about it though, its normal. And putting the RAM at 800mhz arnt going to increase performance, it may even degrade it. ( cant remember where i read that at the moment)
  3. go and set it to 800.
  4. Thanks for the quick replys!
    Yeh I have e6750 at 1333 fsb? I didnt know that the ram would be downclocked to match? Will this reduce the performance I get out of the ram? I also tried this Hyperx ram in my friends PC which has the same motherboard. It also shows up as 667mhz but he has 800fsb on a e2200. He also has 6400 kingston value ram but it runs at 800mhz for him?
    I have tested the ram at 800mhz at 1.8 voltage playing some games etc no crashes yet? I read another post about motherboards reading this Hyperx ram default speed wrongly sometimes is this true?
  5. Blackwidow has a point.You probably won't see any in game performance gains.
    Don't know Intel well enough to say it would degrade it. I think most boards running DDR2 default to 667 mhz.
    Smooth, stable,and cool are the most important things while gaming.
  6. The Kingston HyperX PC6400 are JDEC to 667mhz and 1.8 volts so by defult your motherboard is going to default to these values. In order to run them at thier spec speed your gonna have to clock them manually to 800mhz ( I ran this set at 900mhz at 4-4-4-13 latency on a Gigabyte p35 ds3L board for months before moving into some Dominators). Otherwise the clock that they are at now are ok unless you wanna overclock that e6750.
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