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CPU: AMD 5200+
RAM: 2gig Kingston 800 ddr2
PSU: Gigabyte Superb 550W
Mon: Samsung 2232GW

I'm looking for a new card, thinking either 2nd hand 8800GTX or HD4850. Which card will best suit my system?

I have a HR-03 Plus cooler for the 8800...
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  1. 4850 i dont think 2nd hand 8800gtx's run for $200
  2. Im in South Africa and the prices are:
    $260 for new HD4850
    $221 for 2nd hand 8800GTX

    Basically I wana know which card is better and by how much my system will bottleneck each of them
  3. I say 4850 all the way. You will get better framerates and better image quality. I don't think you will see to much bottleneck from either of the cards.
  4. hmm ye was thinking the same, such a shame to waste the HR-03 Plus tho :O!
  5. Sell the cooler then the 4850 costs you less :). Its easy isnt it new card for 40 more than a old secondhand one ?? No contest.

  6. ok, ATI here i come o yeah baby! :D
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