Can my PSU power up an 8800GT?

Hello, I have just ordered an 8800GT. I have an ULTRA 500w X-finity PSU. I would like to know if I have enough amperage to run the card. this is the link to the PSU I have.
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  1. You have 34 amps on the combined 12v rail, the 8800gt would require something like 26A. Your PSU should power the 8800GT fine depending on how much additional power you are drawing on the 12v supply. I have the single 12v rail X-infinity 600w unit. Currently running the 9600GT with 3 hards and a complete compliment of case assessories. I would install the card and take notice if the PSU was showing signs of overheating and/or system instability. GL
  2. It should, although I wouldn't want to try to SLI it with that thing.
  3. Check out this Power Supply Calculator.. the website was down when i just tried it but it will be back up anytime.

    But yeah unless your running a coffee mug warmer through your usb you should do fine haha
  4. It should run it, but I'd recommend getting a PSU that is a bit more stable than that Ultra. Case in point.
    $60 (Modular, 550W, and SLI/X-Fire compatible)
  5. Thnx for the info guys. Yeah i WILL buy a new PSU for SLI. I only have 1 HDD 1 ROMdrive a 5400x2 and 2gb of ram .. Nothing really much that will over power. And this pSU came from a barbone kit on tigerdirect ..if it was up to me i would of bought a 600-700watt sli ready, but it was cheap at the time.. so once again , thnx very much for your help.
  6. I have another quick question. I am giving my brother my old card after i get this 8800GT, which is a 7900GS .. he has a DELL dimension E510 im pretty sure which has a 305 watt PSU. I was reading other forums and some people have said that they powered the card up. But I am not sure because there have been other people saying other things. So do you think it is safe to try to power it up?
  7. The 7900GS requires more amps than a 7600gt, but I run the 7600gt on a 400w psu in one system I have. It runs all day long in a work station. I would think giving the 7900GS a try with the DELL PSU is reasonable enough. Check for excessive heat and instability. You can consider something like this as a possibility if the DELL does not take a standard PSU.
  8. Ill give the 7900 a go then, but if it fails ill most definitely consider buying that 450 watt. Thanks for your help! :)
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