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Was thinking of buying my first fan controller, all the fans in my pc are currently at full speed all the time, so I want to quiet them down somewhat when not needed..

I have 4 ASUS 120mm Case Fans in the case right now, 2 at the front, 1 on top and 1 at rear.

Looking for a controller that can monitor the temp, give RPM readings for each fan. (being able to monitor how much power the pc is using would also be useful but not necessary.)

I quite like the look of the "Scythe Kaze Server 5.25inch Fan Controller"
Could anyone give a better recommendation?
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  1. Personally like the NZXT Sentry LX Dual 5.25" Fan Controller / Temperature Monitor (2x5.25) $65.00, and Matrix Orbital USB 192x64 Pixel LCD Display $68. (both products avail from

    Scythe makes good products; stay away from aerocool (they look great in the pictures but are functionally terrible).

    Don't forget that adding sound dampening foam can work miracles to reduce high frequency fan noise. $10.43 @ Silicone/rubber fan gaskets can help to a lesser extent $2.99 @

    Do you have your case fans plugged into the motherboard, or just into the (molex) power?
  2. Wow, thanks for the great response, I was getting rather curious and sceptical of aerocool.. think i'll try going for the NZXT or Scythe model.
    That "sound dampening foam" sounds intresting, i'll look into that.
    My fans are all plugged into molex power connections.
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