Need help MSD and Usb stick please

Hello all,
I have a transcend 4gb MicroSD card that I accidentally erased some info and would like to try and retrieve it, can someone recommend a program for that?

2nd is a supposed virus on the very crap Kingston usb flash stick which at various computers from my family show it having a virus autorun.inf. I don't know if it is or isn't I just want to get rid of it. I can't go into safe mode for some reason so recommend something else. Otherwise I'll burn it and never buy a KIngston product. Theyre pc memory sucks as well.
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More about need stick please
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    read this on how to disable autorun on xp

    once its turned off - insert the drive and then format it.
  2. You can probably eliminate the virus warning by simply deleting the "Autorun.inf" file from the root folder of the flash drive.
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