Help!!!!!!!!!!!! onboard shuttle graphics not work

Helo all, i have this motherboard it is from a shuttle ss51g computer. board number fs51 version 2.0
Here is the problem i'm having, i'm wanting to use the onboard video and can't get it to work. the system boots and runs fine with a video card installed but i want to use the onboard because it is better than the video card i have installed.
It is not a simple driver issue because windows isn't even detecting that it is there in the hardware manager. I figured i would have to enable it in the cmos but there isn't an option to do so. I downloaded the manual and it says that there is an option to enable the onboard vga but on my system it just isn't there. And yes there is a vga plug in the back.
Does anybody here have any idea what the problem is? Any ideas? Hope someone here has some idea on what i could do.

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  1. Just grab a cheap video card and be happy sounds like. Maybe something like an 8400gs should suffice and be around 30 bucks on
  2. nopenot an option,,,, no cash other than the gas money to get my ol lady to work
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