Installing nuendo on windows xp x64 on parallel desktop

i have lately installed nuendo 4. 3 on my on my windows xp x64 on my parallel desktop 5 on my mac pro

my mac is: processor quad-core intel xeon, 8 core 2 processors, 2gb memory, 2.8 ghz speed

my problem is nuendo is stuttering very heavy some times even crashing, i have updated the asio duplex driver and is a little better, but still lots of latency and i have not even installed external vst's

window xp, nuendo, parallel desktop, and of course all mac r all original copies,

pls help its been weeks and hours i can't get around it

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  1. It sounds like you need more memory to start with 4gig as a minimum. Try asio4all drivers. are there settings to change the cache to counter the latency delay. My son can easily crash his pc with 4gig of ram when he starts using VSTs without bouncing down tracks first.
  2. thats right..i installed thru boot camp and now it works fine, but i still need to upgrade ram,
    any idea if i upgrade to 10gb on my mac will it make a diff to windows xp sp3, 32bit..
    thanx for yr time
  3. Windows xp 32 bit will only recognise and use a maximum of 4gig of ram. If you have 10gig of ram just allocate 4gig to windows xp and the rest for your mac OS. You will certainly see a big difference if you can let windows use 4gig. 6gig of ram maybe overkill for your mac os but it is always handy to have as I have found you can always find ways to make use of it.
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