Opinions/Suggestions on $1000 Gaming Build

First off I'm Canadian, so no Newegg for me :(
I'll be getting everything from NCIX.com
I have two builds in mind, one is more budget concious, the other is for the gamer in me (I know both can game well).
Any suggestions/opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!
Build 1:
CPU - E8400 - $172
Mobo - Asus P5Q-pro p45 (what's the diff between pro and non-pro? $10 diff) - $139
GPU - Palit 4870 (Is Palit a good company? Cheapest, or should I wait for 4870x2?) - $290
RAM - Mushkin DDR-800 5-4-4-12 4GB - $80 after MIR
Case - Antec Three Hundred (is this enough space for everything? will it fit heatsink?) - $53
CPU cooler - Sunbeam Core Contact Freeze (will it fit in the antec 300?) - $40
PSU - Corsair TX750 (not really needed for duo core+1 GPU, but it's cheap and corsair makes good shizz) - $95 after MIR
Hard Drive - Seagate 500GB 32mb buffer 7200RPM - $72

Total = $1021 before shipping/taxes

Build 2:
CPU - Q9450 - $315
Mobo - Gigabyte DS4 x48 CF - $250
GPU - Palit 4870 (prob cf, or wait for 4870x2 and cf that after :P) - $290
RAM - Mushkin DDR-800 5-4-4-12 4GB - $80 after MIR
Case - Antec P182 (Is the cooling good enough for CF 4870x2?) - $140
CPU cooler - Sunbeam Core Contact Freeze - $40
PSU - Corsair TX750 (should i get something beefier if plan on CF?) - $95 after MIR
Hard Drive - Seagate 500GB 32mb buffer 7200RPM - $72

Total = $1282 before shipping/taxes

So do you think the extra $261 is worth the performance upgrade?
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  1. Both are very nice builds but I would go with number 2 and that PSU should be fine for 2 4870's
  2. hey ausch! had a feeling u would be one of the first reponses lol.
    any suggestions at all? i'm about to sell my laptop and buy a stay-at-home rig. ANY advice/suggestion about parts/or additions are welcomed.
    i want this to last, even with nehalem around the corner.
    do u think i should wait for 4870x2 and go with option 2 as prices should continue to drop steadily until the release of x58. 4870x2 in CF makes me a drool.
  3. First of all the Gigabyte X48 board is good but you also might want to consider the Rampage Formula, I have one and it's an outstanding board. Also you might want to wait for the release of the 4870X2 just to see how it performs especially if your using a higher resolution because it's supposed to have 2gb GDDR5 so it should handle AA and AF really well at high res. The 4870X2 will use 1 6pin and 1 8pin PCI-E connectors so if your considering it or 2 you'll have to take that into consideration with your PSU selection.
  4. Unfortunately the Rampage Formula is another $80 on top of the DS4 at NCIX.
    I'm not going to do a whole lot of overclocking, just bump it up a little from stock. So I can't justify the extra money for that board.
    When should we expect the 4870x2? Mid-august?
    I want a new rig now! :(
  5. From what I've seen it should be out in the next week or two. You could always build with the 4870 and when it is released and you can see how it performs you could then decide if you want one and if so you could just sell your 4870. When it is released from what I've seen it will likely be ~$550USD so I don't know if you are prepared to spend that much.
  6. nobody else has opinions/advice/suggestions besides ausch!? :(
  7. You might wanna check out the DFI x48, think its supposed to be good.
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