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Ok...My mate here in auz is selling me his 7600gs and a motherboard that supports Sli . With $100 dollars to buy both the graphics card and the motherboard is it worth buying to boost the speed of my computer and allow me to SLi in the future or should i stick with the motherboard i have (no SLi) and sell my 7600 gs and get a new card for $100

Also how much faster will i expect to go with games and computer loading ect..
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  1. Depends on what system you are running now, put up the specs.
    You wont find a decent card to upgrade to for $100 in oz.
  2. Don't waste your money.... Save your cash up and go get a real motherboard and video card. A 7600 GS is an extremely slow graphics card by todays standards, it's actually equivelant to a 6600GT I believe. Anyways you would be buying a 4 generation old graphics card, and most likely a very antiquated SLI motherboard. Don't waste your time.
  3. well i got a 7600GS GDDR3 AGP version from Palit, and it RAPES! :P plays oblivion and prostreet on max... i did increase the core and mem clocks 50% but even at stock it was fine :) i don't know how well two 7600's would scale in SLI cos sli was pretty new when they came out wasnt it?
  4. well i got a core 2 duo 2.16 GHz, 4gb ram, 320 gb HDD
  5. so im buying a 7600 gs with a ASUS p5n32 e sli with my alrady owned core 2 duo 2.16ghz, 4gb ram and 320 gb hard drive
  6. i got a core 2 duo overclocked to that speed and 2 gig ram, 250 gig hard drive atm its k although i would like to get my sli rig sometime... -_-
  7. Hey for 100 bucks then go for it , its a cheap upgrade and you should see a difference
  8. I owned a 7600 GS (DDR2 :( ) and now I wouldn't get one even if it was for free. I suggest to wait until you can save enough money to buy something better, a 8800 GT or even cheaper a 9600 GT or a 9600 GSO. Any of these would give you a serious increase in FPS.
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