want to get a new sound card not made by creative

i have had nothing but creative sound card thew out the years and recently there quality has been getting worse and worse so i wanted to give another company a try. i have been looking around newegg and found the HT OMEGA STRIKER to be better than the creative cards according to alot of reviews but will i hear a diffrence worth buying it or should i save alittle more and get the claro/halo or try looking at another brand.

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  1. Auzentech, and HT-Omega cards

    I have an HT-Omega Striker and love it.
  2. It all depends on what you want the sound card for. Some are better for gaming audio, others are better for music editting. More info please :)
  3. Asus Xonar, Auzentech
  4. +1 for Xonar, great card.
  5. sorry about that i mostly play games ie. FPS but i plan on buying a blu-ray drive to watch movies. i have a logitec X540 5.1 speaker set-up but mostly use my headphones (creative fata1lity) but might soon upgrade headphones to shinhiser HD555. which card would be best with headphones and also supports vista 64. i will be upgrading from the sound card that came with my ASUS strikerIIformula but did not want to go the route of creative agian. thanks -UACghost
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