Make keyboard keys act like repeatedly pressed when pressed once

Hi! Is there any way to make etc when i press and hold down the spacebar from the keyboard to act like if I am pressing it repeatedly?

I want to use it with games, because some games are like this:

if u hold down the fire key, the gun fires repeatedly, but slower than if you were striking the fire button manually repeatedly, and also the gun overheats faster.

So the best way is to strike the fire key manually repeatedly, but its not good for your hand.

Is there any software or any windows (xp) trick?
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  1. Go to:

    Start>Settings>Control Panel>Keyboard>Speed

    Here you can set how long a key must be pressed to initiate repeating, and how fast it repeats.
  2. it doesn't change anything because all the settings are on, u just change speed etc. , it doesn't have something to turn on or off. I thing that what I want it's not in any of the windows settings..
  3. I was just thinking this is something you could do before starting the game and reset it back to normal when finished... maybe it's not going to perform as you want.

  4. The game I play is chicken invaders 3 ( LOL!) :-p ! When you hold pressed dowd the fire key, it recognizes it and makes a repeated fire (slow of course) and also the gun overheats very fast and you cant fie. Not only in this game, but in other games also you have to press repeatedly a key (most times the mouse buttons. I wonder if there is a program that "gets between the keyboard and the windows..
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