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Hey, Ive been reading a lot about upgrading the bios on these cards to get some higher overclocks out of it. Everywhere ive been reading, its always upgrading the 6800gt to the 6800 ultra bios. Ive got a plain EVGA-6800 that i would like to do this too, but im not sure if i can with my card. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. i m sure there is a way buy u can just push ur clocks with ati tools or riva tuner or something, u dont have to change the bios... its a old card, might not want to push it?
  2. oooh, i know, ive got it maxed out at 410core 410mem. but wont go any higher and my temps are still good. flashing a new bios would give me a little higher voltage so i can oc more. but like i said before, ive only seen it done on the 6800gt and switch it to the 6800 ultra.
  3. anyone know if i can successfully flash my regular 6800 to a 6800 ultra bios?
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