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when i click the "rate this computer" button to rate my windows 7 pc it says that "can't complete the requested assessment.the system does not have the necessary multi media support to run the requested assessment".please help me in this issue.thanks in advance
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  1. are you in Europe and using the Europe version of window 7 without window media player? Download window media player from Microsoft because the WEI assessment requires it.
  2. i am in india.but i am having windows 7 ultimate N.N and KN editions dont have media i am unable to install windows media player.any help.....

    thanks for replying.........
  3. ^ WTF kind of "editions" are those? o.O
  4. I think you can still download WMP from Microsoft and install it, even if they don't come with it the first place
  5. Plus 1 ^,media player should still install!
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