Really Confused about Heat - Please Help

Ok. I have read through the forums and I am just trying to get an opinion.

Core i7 920 D0 Stepping
OC'd to 3.5ghz
HT is ON
Turbo Mode is ON
VCORE 1.25v
6GB Kingston 1333mhz (10666)
Ration 2:8
DRAM Voltage 1.5v
BCLK 170
ASETEK Low Cost Liquid Cooling
NZXT Zero 2 Case
2x Apevia 120mm side case fans
2x Enemex 120mm fans insdie - radiator over 1
PSU blocks top seat fan and radiator blocks 2/4 side case fans from installation

I have high idle temps of the high 30's and low 40's WITHOUT the OC. While gaming in the 50's
WIth the OC the idle temps are in the mid 50's and low 60's while gaming

I ran PRIME95 and it's stable but the temps go up to the high 80's.

What could possibly be wrong?

Thank You!
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  1. Yeah. I have heard it is, but from what I understood it was supposed to be comparable to some top air fans. It looks like that's not the case.

    I know it has room for 4 door post said 2/4 door fans blocked due to the radiator over one of the two back fans. The radiator extends too far and you can't close the case with the other two door fans on. It is part of the LCLC setup or I would just remove it.
  2. The back of the case has two Enermax 120mm fans. The radiator is over the lower one, but it's huge and even if was over the top fan it would still block both door fans.

    The only way to get them on would be to mod the case and actually cut out the mesh to mount them outside.
  3. Small Water Versus Big Air, Part 3: Cooling Questions Answered -,2401.html
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