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Looking to upgrade my monitor to a 19 inch LCD. What is important in a good LCD and what is just fluff?
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  1. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 941BW, it's fluffy and I like it.
  2. Upgrade TO a 19"? I hate to think what you must have now :(

    Can you afford a 22" widescreen instead? Lots more pixels there.

    You want a 5 ms response time (or 2 ms, even better). And, ideally, you'd be allowed to check for dead pixels before buying, or you'd have a return policy that lets you get a full refund if you ask within 2 weeks.

    There are other things like DVI, viewing angles, panel type, etc - but I'm assuming your budget is low and they're not that important.
  3. read reviews
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