Recovering data from an external hard drive

Hi guys,

I had my external hard drive connected to my laptop, and opened in windows explorer. I wasn't transferring any files to or from the hard drive.

I unplugged the laptop, but forgot that I had taken out the battery, so it turned off.

After booting my laptop back up, I can't find any files on my external HDD. All the root folders are there, but they are all empty. Showing hidden files shows nothing.

Plus, I keep getting the "Windows - Delayed Write Failed" errors.

When I check the HDD properties, it still says 480GB is in use, which leads me to believe the data is still there, and is hopefully recoverable.

A lot of the data consisted of movies and software iso's, i.e. a relatively small number of large files, if that makes any difference.

I would hate to lose all my stuff. Given my situation, how would I go about getting it back?

Thanks so much in advance.
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  1. Update: I rebooted the laptop once more, and now Windows does not even recognize my drive. It shows up as "Unknown USB Device".

    I am starting to lose it. Is there anything I can do?
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