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My Hard drive is showing incorrect free space. It is showing 17GB free in a 90GB hard drive but using treesize I have confirmed it should be showing about 45GB free space. My PC is also running very slow. Chkdsk finds problems like "Discovered free space marked as alloccated in the volme bit map and in the master file table bitmap" but when I run chkdsk /f nothing seems to change. Help appreciated. (I'm running XP Pro).

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  1. have you backed up critical files? (well, everything you want backed up, down to the level of browser bookmarks, etc).

    try chkdsk /r as well. Do you have access to any more advanced disk utility tools?

    At some point, might be worth reformatting the drive.
  2. thanks for the suggestion, but trying chkdsk /r didn't do anything. Any other suggestions welcome as I am totally lost..
  3. see this discussion - - may not be a real error. Do you have access to anything like norton utilities or any other disk checker?

    Also I like windirstat for showing where disk usage is, very nice graphical method of seeing where large files/directories are, even subdirectories.
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