Q6600 weird temp behaviour

I just installed a new system and when monitoring my Q6600 temp on idle it can be either between 11 and 14 C or between 45 and 50 C.
That's just idling or doing some very minor tasks like opening a web browser.
I have the original heat sink from intel installed. MB is asus P5Q Pro.

I spoke with intel tech support and they told me that 50C for idle is very normal...I wasn't sure about that.

So if any of you guys have experienced the Q6600, I would appreciate some feedback

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  1. I use the same motherboard as you. My Q6600 has always ran warm even lapped with a lapped Xiggy S1283.

    However 11c-14c is obviously wrong, there is surely something wrong with whatever software you are using to read temps. Or just a faulty/stuck sensor. 50c idle for the stock cooler is...close to average I guess. I never used the stock cooler so I have no idea.
  2. 45-50C at idle is VERY normal for a Q6600 with the stock cooler.

    Best recommendation is to replace that stock cooler. Even if you don't OC, you'll want to replace it if you plan to use your system for gaming, encoding, etc. Anything that'll put your CPU at say 50% or greater load, wouldn't be a bad idea to get an aftermarket cooler.

    The Q6600 runs kinda warm. :)

    If it'll fit. I'd get the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler. Price on it is pretty good, and Tom's Hardware did a CPU cooler review and named it best. Plus it's relatively cheap ($35 or so).
  3. I am using the PC Probe II from Asus....Right now it's reading 14C and my PC is idling.
    I will be mostly doing programming, email, browsing, some video encoding. I am not sure if I will put it more then 50% as Its my first Quad core :)

    What can I do if it's reading a bad temperature then?

    Thanks guys
  4. Dont use that, download and use Real Temp.
  5. I've used Asus boards before. Great motherboards. But their PC Probe software is... horrible.

    I like to use Core Temp.
  6. Thanks spathotan.
    Real temp shows between 27 and 32 for the 4 cores which I suppose is normal for Idle?
  7. I thought all temp softwares read it from the bios.
    I guess I was wrong.
  8. Those are preety good temps. Put a full load on the proc for a few and see what the temps hit. Also wont hurt to run the test sensors thing on real temp.
  9. Use Either Core Temp, or Real Temp, but always use the same one, otherwise its pointless to attempt to compare them.
    Personally I use CoreTemp, and I have it load on start up.
  10. One last question:
    Can The CPU temperature in the bios be faulty too?
    Right now bios is reading 51C, but once i go to the OS real temp shows 37 30 30 30 respectively for every cote.
  11. Dont worry about the BIOS one too much. real temp is all youll need to reference from now.
  12. THanks spathotan
  13. The cpu load in the BIOS and on Windows idle is different. Use CoreTemp or RealTemp to check idle temps.
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