Best Hard Drive for gaming?

what is the best hard drive for gaming around 100$?
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  1. Whats do you mean? more specific, whats the purpose of it, what are you looking for...etc. What kind of improvement of performance are you looking for and where.
  2. A hard drive won't improve gaming at all, aside from shortening loading times. A fast hard drive would absolutely make the computer feel more responsive, but if all you are looking for is good framerates, don't expect a hard drive to help.

    Oh, and in that price range, I'd go with either a WD Caviar Black or a Seagate 7200.12.
  3. ^Yep, as cjl said, hard drives have nothing to do with framerates, when you open a game, its loaded into your ram so when you play it, your hard drive is isn't doing anything. However a fast hard drive will can make the game open faster and load maps faster.
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