BFG Nvidia 8800GT oc

Okay, so I just bought this new BFG 8800GT oc and a new 750watt PSU so I no the power isn't a problem. So my friend has pretty much the exact same setup in his computer as mine. and same video card and he can run crysis and COD4 on high everything at like 50-60 FPS. Here are my specs

AMD Athlon 64x2 4400 Dual Core processor 2.4ghz
Nvidia 8800GT oc 512MB vid card.
650 watt PSU
320 SATA harddrive
Vista Home 32-bit

Just wondering, the videocard came with a splitter which I connect it to one and it splits it into 2. Now im not sure if the 8800gt oc has to plug-ins and i've heard it doesnt. so why wuld they give me this adapter.

ALSO!! my videocard says it isn't receiving enough power and has to decrease it's performance in order to prevent it from damage. Can somebody give me like help or a picture on where to plug other power cords into. P.S i only get like 40FPS on COD4 on lowest setting..

Thanks a bunch
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  1. plug the the 6 pin cable into the graphics card and the 2 splitter into 2 different molex pins, or just plug the 6 pin from your psu if you have one
  2. Remove the molex power splitter and plug in one of the six pin power plugs that come from the PSU.

    @teh_boxzor: 42 seconds faster than me, kudos :)
  3. i have a molex connected straight to my card from the PSU. and I don't believe that there is a 6-pin on the socket on the card. but the molex cable is pluged stright into the card from my PSU. So i don't know.

    Can somebody link me to a site of something where it showed a diagram of where to plug stuff in.

  4. Sounds like you're mixing up words a bit. Lets simplify this.

    Are you using the 2 way molex on your card now?

    If yes, then remove it and use a 6pin directly from your PSU to your GPU.

    If no, then it sounds like you have everything hooked up right. Should be 1 cable from your psu to the GPU.
  5. I just have the 6pin connected to the card from the PSU. there is also a little 2pin that splits off from the end of the 6pin part. and I am looking on the video card and i see 2 little prongs right close near the 6pin slot? does that 2pin thing go into the 2 prongs?

    On the 6pin cord it has a label wrapped around it saying 8pin PCI-E cable. But it has 6pin and then the little 2pin which disconnects from it.

    But even with the 6pin plugged in. its still saying not enough power and has to decrease its performance...:S
  6. Sounds like your 650w PSU is not up to the job, what make/model is it?
  7. It's an earthwatts 650Watt and it's made by ANTEC

    here is a link to where i bought it from ->
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