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I just got a new Diamond 4870 Factory Overclocked video card. I have a few questions. It states in the manual that you use either a 2x3 + 2x4 pin connectors, or 2x3 + 2x3. In order to use ATI Overdrive you need to use the 2x4.

My card only has two 2x3 connectors. There is no 2x4 connector. Why is this? What is ATI Overdrive and how does not having the 2x4 connector affect my card?

Does the 4850 have 2 power connectors, and are the new ATI 4800's the only cards to have 2 power connectors? Reason I'm asking is that my Antec Neo 650 states that it is Crossfire and SLI ready but only has 2 PCI-E connectors, not the 4 that would be required for dual 4870's.

I'm jsut curious about these things. No problems running thew card.
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  1. The 4850 only requires 1 2x3 pin power connector.

    Perhaps your power supply supports two 4850s together, or any other pair of graphic cards that only require one 2x3 power connector each.
  2. Only the x2 has the 8pin and the 6pin on it as far as I know.

    I remember that was what the specs were saying for the x2...you need to use the 8pin in order to use overdrive but you can run it with two 6pins at stock settings. It sounds like the manual is F'd up somehow because the 4870 has always had two 6pins.

    Overdrive is the overclocking feature in the Catalyst Control Center. So to overclock an x2 card, you need the extra juice from the 8pin and 6pin going in.
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