GTX280 Power Problem


I got a new GTX280 today, i put it in and booted up.
Installed its drivers and reset the computer.
Everything goes fine until i run a game.
When i open a game, my PSU makes a loud buzzing noise.
Sometimes high pitched, sometimes not so.
If i listen carefully, it sounds a little bit like a sparking kind of noise.
I have a Codegen 650W ATX 12V power supply.
It should be enough to power the 280 shouldn't it?

Before i upgraded to the 280 i had a 9800GTX.
What's causing the buzzing and how can i stop it?
It doesn't sound safe so I'm scared to play games :(
Can someone help me out?

I'll put the sound it makes up on YouTube if that would help?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Send it back and buy Ati noob.
  2. Nvidia wipes the floor with ATI fool
    I'm not a scab, I wanted the best, so i got the best.

    But let's not get off topic.
  3. Sounds like your PSU decided it hates life with a GTX 280....
    650w technically should be enough to run a 280, but thats assuming the 650w is a good quality PSU, which yours isn't. :( has a really really good deal on the corsair 750tx right now. And it is nice solid PSU.

    Oh, and Nvidia doesn't "wipe the floor with ATI"
  4. My PSU has two +12v rails, one with 17amps and the other with 18amps.
    The gtx280 needs 40amps... so would this be whats causing the buzz/hissing sound?
    Imo Nvidia and ATI are somewhat on par atm
  5. I also had this prob, could hear a hissing sound comming from psu when i started up crysis and some other games, turns out it was cause vsync was'nt enabled and the fps of the opening credits where going to high and putting a strain on the gpu or something i cant find the link that explains it better. Also running a gtx 280 with a seasonic s21 600 with 18amps on each 12v rail (x2).
  6. Found the site i got info from, hope this helps dude
  7. So your PSU and 280 work fine together with only 18on each rail?
    I checked the vsync and thats not the problem, i have vsync turned on.
    could you maybe explain to me how to connect both rails to the card?
    Cos i might have just one going to the card atm and that might be overloading the psu..?
  8. I looked at the spec of your psu it doesnt mention anything bout having pcie connectors which means the psu is abit old and may be struggling to power the 280 along with the other system components, how long you had the psu for?
  9. i haven't had it for that long, not even a year aye.
    Your right, it doesn't have a 8-pin pcie connector.
    I've done this:
    Just until i get an adapter.
    but from the sound of things ill just have to skip the adapter and get a new PSU lol just what i need after spending $700 on a 280 lol
    Would you mind explaining how to find what cables from the PSU are the two +12v rails? It's worth a shot.
  10. Not really sure which cables it would be tbh, wouldnt want to guess incase something goes pop lol.

    You rly should upgrade the psu, if it were me i would, something thats atx 2.2 compliant will have all the 6 and 8 pin pcie connectors you need.

    I'm still unsure about my psu also running my system i will be upgrading myself soon too a Enermax Infiniti 720w
  11. oh okay, fair enough.
    I think i will buy a new PSU on monday then.
    Hopefully i can find a store with one in stock so i dont have to wait for it to be ordered in :)
    thank you for your help :)
    Ill post back here with my outcome.
  12. Before just running out and buying a PSU don't you think you should determine which ones are junk and which ones are good?

    Why would you want to spend good money on a junk PSU?
  13. That's true.
    I'm just busting to play some games with my 280! lol
    I'll look around in some stores on Monday.
  14. chunky1311 said:
    That's true.
    I'm just busting to play some games with my 280! lol
    I'll look around in some stores on Monday.
    Are you in Australia?

    The problem is that you will look around and ask questions of the sales people that don't have a clue. Ultimately you will probably wind up with junk. Do you have a website that will give an idea of what is available and the relative pricing?
  15. Yea, i live in Australia. Queensland.
    I usually use
    I also usually buy my stuff from there too but i dont want to wait for shipping this time lol
    I'm thinking i will go with one of the ones above, or one close to.
  16. Corsair makes good PSUs.
  17. Yea, iv always been fond or corsair.
    I was going to get corsair dominator RAM but they couldnt get any stock in so i ended up purchasing G.Skill.
  18. Okay, i think i'm going to get this 850w Thermaltake PSU:
    It has four +12v rails, with two of them supplying 30amps.
    Thats 60amps total on just those two rails.
    The PSU has 60amps all together.
    Thats plenty to power my gtx280 aye.

    After all, the GPU has the two plugs so that it is possible to spread the power consumption over 2 rails :)

    Any thoughts?
  19. Decent PSU, will run your system no probs, happy gaming :D
  20. Yeah, plenty of power for the future and good quality. A tad overkill right now, but who cares.

    Go for it.
  21. Well, i bough it.
    And its great :)
    Everything works perfectly :)
    I also really like the cable management of the PSU
    You only have to plug in what you need, its a great idea.

    Anywho, thanks for all your help guys :)
    I really appreciate it
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