Failed bios flash, Just long beeps on boot

Hi guys,

To begin, i am somewhat computer savvy, so dont think i flashed my bios for fun! so i have a MCP61PM-AM mobo on my acer ase380-ed401a, and when i wanted to overclock, i read about flashing a newer version of my bios... alright. well first off acer has a horrible support site as everyone knows, and i downloaded a newer version from there. the flash went well, saying successfull and all that jaz, then on reboot no screen popped up, just a black screen (didnt even sending a signal to my monitor, and just 2 longish beeps before it reboots and beeps long ones until i turn it off) and my heart sank into my stomach. now i dont know if i just have a huge paperweight on my desk or if there is any hope. i have (or did before the flash) phoenix award workstation 6.0 bios. but i dont know if it was flashed with the wrong bios or not.

i NEED this pc, so if anyone has even the slightest help on recovery or what i need to do, please just give it.

thank you!
(p.s. there is no floppy drive on this machine)
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  1. ik ik sorry for the double post, but i found that because i have 3gb of ram i should try removing some.... SUCESS! i now have 1 1gb stick in there, and now i just need to find the newer version of my bios (i found that the one flashed was from 2006!) thanks acer*sarcasm so if anyone can help me find a newer bios version, PLEASE do!
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