Need Some Advice...1 Hard Drive or 2 Hard Drives

So I'm gonna be building my own pc, for the first time, and I'm only going to use one Hard drive, WD Cavalier Black 500gb.
Now I've noticed that a lot of ppl use 2 drives, one drive for OS and the other as storage. Why do ppl do that? I'm already a bit over my budget so I'm not sure if a second drive is necessary, but if getting another drive is worth it because it avoids some problems or something then I rather spend some extra money and get it now. Basically what are the pros and cons for having 1 or 2 Hard Drives.
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  1. Having your OS on one drive and your data on the other helps keep the OS drive less fragmented. If you are on a tight budget, the price difference for having two drives is not justifiable. You will not see major speed improvement for using 2 drives. Keep in mind that you should make 1 partition for the OS and applications, and another one for storage such as musics files, pictures, etc..

    On the other hand, a lot of people use 2 drives to backup their data since the risk is higher if everything is on 1 drive.
  2. The adantages of a second drive are that you can use it as a backup for data and an image backup of your systems drive. While you can make a second partition to do this on one drive, in the event of a hard drive failure the partition backup is useless.
    Hard drives are very cheap now and you don't have to have a 500 GB drive for the OS a smaller one will do and use the larger one for storing your data files, like music, photos and videos.
    So while a seond drive is not necessary, it can be very usefull so an extra $50 now may save your bacon later.
  3. how do you make a partition?
    And what do you mean by applications?
  4. Applications are software you install like Firefox, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, etc...

    As for partitions, which operating system are you going to run?
  5. I'm going to run Windows 7 Ultimate Edition version 7600
  6. thx a lot.
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  8. how?
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