E0 compatibility with P5Q-Pro BIOS???~URGENT!

An answer to any of these questions would be very much appreciated and thanks in advance.

Just wandering if i pickup a P5q pro will it be compatible regardless of BIOS version with an E0 stepped E8500? The only information regarding E0 in the BIOs history updates is:

[ 1004 ]
Fix EIST function can not work issue When when C-STATE enable on Yorkfield E0 stepping CPUs.

1.Does this mean that E0 stepped will be compatible with all P5q-pro's regardless of BIOS and support for E0 is simply improved in 1004 BIOS?

2.Is there anyway of identifying BIOS of a Motherboard from packaging?

3.Curious about Ep45-DS3 compatibility issues with E0 stepping, will it run on any BIOS setting, the F6 version BIOS says "Update CPU ID (Support Intel Wolfdale/Yorkfield E0-stepping CPU)"?

4. Does that mean anything before F6 won't run a Wolfdale at all, or will it be able to boot and then i can reflash BIOS to newer version?

5. Will the Mobo come with a newer than F6 BIOS? (F6 updated 2008/07/07)

A quick response would be appreciated as I will be buying components tomorrow.

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  1. To run the E8400 (E0 stepping) your going to have to make sure your bios is version 1004 or newer. Unfortunally motherboard companies usually dont update the packaging to reflect bios updates.( Atleast from what I've seen) Most likely you'll have to do a bios update in order for your motherboard to work with that cpu. Hopefully you have an old P4 to update it. If not check out craigslist. Sometimes you can find old P4 cpus extremely cheap.($10-20)
    Heres a list of supported cpus and their bios-
  2. Thanks a lot, I've just been sifting and sifting through these pages of supported cpu's for both gigabyte and ASUS.
    Thanks for the help.

    Is there a way of identifyi for instance (rev1.0) on Gigabyte packaging for EP45-DS3L. The lowest bios update is F4 and would support E0.
  3. Yes the E8400 should work out of the box with the Gigabyte EP45-DS3L. I believe there is only one version of the motherboard ver. 1.0, but just to point out something really quick. You first wanted the P5q pro which supports crossfire but if you go for the Gigabyte board you'll be limited to one PCI-E slot. You'll be out of luck with the EP45-DS3L if you want to crossfire.
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