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HD 4850 Drivers/Games Problem

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 25, 2008 11:13:24 PM

Hey guys! I am having a pretty big issue for a long time regarding the HD 4850 Drivers and Playing Games.

The problem is that when I start a game such as WoW or World in Conflict I see the login/Menu Screen and then my computer flickers and I get a no signal on the monitor and having to do a restart on the computer. Everything is fine in Windows. This has happened with all of the drivers on the ATI site including the new ATI catalyst 8.8 drivers. I have tried all the previous drivers as well and have the same results. The reason I did not bother asking before was because I thought ATI was still fixing the drivers so i gave them some time but each set of new drivers that comes out does the same thing. The only Drivers that do work are the Original Drivers that came with the CD/Video Card.

I am Running Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I have also done a clean install of windows with every driver install.

Please let me know if anyone has a solution or if anyone else is experiencing these types of problems as well.
Thank you
August 27, 2008 2:00:18 PM

Have you installed the new service pack for windows 64 bit? because before the service pack windows 64 was very buggy at best.
August 27, 2008 2:16:13 PM

I had this same problem. You have to completely remove the drivers
first uninstall the catalyst from the control panel then reboot.

use this tool:

NOW: before reinstalling your drivers make absolutely sure your 64 bit system has the new SP1 for vista installed. the 4850 will not (i repeat) will not work properly without it.

While you are at it, update your bios if it has not already been done. Sometimes the newer hardware (like the 4850) does not communicate will with the MB if the bios is not completely up to date.

After you have updated your bios and completely updated your Vista 64 platform, reinstall your 8.8 catalyst. I actually had an error when i reinstalled the first time. It came up with a "file missing". Something about a .dll file. If this happens, just let in complete then reboot and reinstall the same 8.8 driver again (this time without removing or uninstalling the driver you just installed). It should completely install this time and you will be good to go. ***Note: you have to install your 8.8 drivers AFTER you update vista 64 to the new service pack. if you do it before you update, the drivers will not be installed properly and you will have to reinstall***

good luck.

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September 2, 2008 4:53:17 AM

Hi, I actually have the same problem as well but I am running XP Pro 32 instead of Vista 64. I am having problems with WIC, DMC4 and Mass Effect. When I try launching these games I would get a flicker than a blank screen and then would have to alt tab out or restart my pc. I tried uninstalling the drivers, running driver sweeper then resinstalling and still get the same results. Although I noticed that everytime I run driver sweeper I noticed that the ati drivers that it deletes come right back...have you guys had this problem?

I also tried installing catalyst 8.7 and also the drivers that came with the CD. Nothing seems to work. What is most perplexing is that all these games worked at one time with the original drivers. Something happened when I upgraded to 8.8 and half my games don't work.

If there's anything else you guys think I'm doing wrong, please let me know. I am probably going to ebay this card and get an OC'd 8800gt or 8800gts instead.
September 15, 2008 6:49:19 AM

Thank god I´m not alone, I was starting to worry.

I have the same problem that you guys. I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit SP 1 installed and also the ati 8.8 driver, and everything looks fine until I try to play any game. The last one i tried was World In Conflict and it starts ok but when I just start the campaing or the tutorial, my machine reboots itself.

I already reinstalled windows from zero and I was very carefully when I install all the drivers. I dont know what can be happen.

I also change the bios prior the reinstallation of window.

I just build my new PC and I want to play all my new games... #@~#!
My PC specs are
QuadCore Q9550
HD 4850
PS Thermaltake 850W

I´m almost sure that it´s not a PS lack and also that its not a temp problem. I have another HD 4850 in the box waiting to crossfire it.

I will appreciated any help. Thanks in advance
September 15, 2008 9:02:51 AM

Same as everyone above, I too am having problems. Installing catalyst 8.8/8.7 results in my screens showing black and white lines (no signal error). I've noticed that this only happens when CCC upclocks the gpu from the idle state that it puts it in for windows apps.

The only stable driver version I can run is 8.6 catalyst. 8.7/8.8 both freeze my system requiring a manual reboot. With 8.6 I can oc with CCC to 700/1100 and everything runs just wondering if i could be getting better fps with newer drivers. (also im stuck wiht ccc as rivatuner and atitool both won't oc my card w/o locking up my system)

any ideas? ive installed and reinstalled many times. never updated my bios thou, but ive had other pci 2.0 cards work just fine.

Im running vista ultimate 64 sp1
x3210 oc'd to 3ghz
4gb ram
4850 on water so my temps are never over 50c on load.
September 15, 2008 9:54:27 AM

Let me just say this. Three of the posters in this thread have a total of.....3 posts. No feedback from them at all, just my drivers wont work.
September 18, 2008 1:01:57 AM

I got it... I found a forum thread that tell what to do, and it works for me.

Read all the tread you need to do four or five things:
1) Profile Fan fix (Change the fan speed % to decrease the GPU temp)
2) Modify Windows Energy profile to Performance
3) powerplay fix (Change the Core Clock frequency to 700MHz in the profile if you have a 4850 or to 750MHz if you have a 4870)
4) Enable ATI override
5) Chosse Advance Catalyst A.I.

In the tread you can find all the detail of how to do it.

The 8.9 driver just get publish today and I dont know if it fix the problem and you dont have to do all these tricks, but they work, because I wasted an entiry week trying to fix my new computer.