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Hi. Will there be any problems or is it okay if I have a sata interfaced hard drive and an IDE interfaced optical drive? I'm planning to buy a new hard drive because my current hard drive is failing and the only one in stock at the stores that I've asked is having the sata interfaced hard drive and with that i want to retain my current optical drive because of tight budget. I'm only new to assembling my own pc so please understand. thanks.
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  1. As long as you have an unused SATA port on the board, it should work. With the power disconnected to the system, and you wearing a grounding wrist-strap, mount the HDD, plug-in the data cable to the unused SATA port, then plug-in the SATA power connector from the PSU. Re-connect the power. Enter the BIOS (usually the <Delete> key) to ensure the BIOS found the new HDD. You new HDD should have utilities to format and install the HDD, including an option to copy the existing HDD and make the new one the boot drive. If it is a "bare HDD, " not retail, you can download the utilities from the new HDD mfr's website.
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