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Thanks for whoever helped me before, but my problem was not correctly described:

So I am having a problem connecting my computer (eg. xfs 8800gt) to my tv (eg. Sony 52" BRAVIA 1080p HDTV) so whenever i connect the computer through vga table to the tv (vga port), it works on full resolution. However, if I connect the tv through a cable that is one end dvi and the other HDMI (to hdmi port), it doesnt even go throught to the full turned on phase, it stops just after the system information. I can get into the bios but not turn to the desktop. I dont see the windows logo.

I checked the cables, I checked the input/output, it should be okay...
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  1. i've had something similar to this happen to me before. i never actually fixed it before i gave up, but the problem is most likely that the computer is outputting a resolution that's not supported by the tv. maybe if you change it before connecting to the tv?
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