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Hello and thanks for viewing. Building my own system for the first time since '02 and need some critiquing. Only play old games like CSource and broodwar, although I would like to be able to run SC2 at high setting when it comes out. Most of my tasks are web design, novice php/SQL and python work, listening to music, etc. This is definitely not a Crysis-orientated system. My current HD is running Ubuntu so I plan to have a windows based HD and a linux based HD inside. Here are the components I picked; brutal honesty welcomed.

GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3L ATX Intel Motherboard

Intel E2180 2.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor

G.SKILL 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit

Thermaltake Purepower W0100RU 500W Power Supply

BIOSTAR GeForce 8500 GT V8502GT51 Video Card

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

ZALMAN CNPS7700-ALCU 120mm 2 Ball CPU Cooling Fan

I already have optical drives and sound card.

Major Considerations...
1) Future expandability; going to upgrade CPU/ram/GPU eventually.
2) OC'ing...this is why I chose the P35. I want to get my CPU to 3.0GHz and tweak the GPU internal+memory clocks, but not sure how high...how is my RAM for this? Would like to hear more on MB/CPU/ram compatibility in general.
3) No future interest in SLI/crossfire...I've never felt the performance gain was worth the cost in heat/power/price and I'm not of the "dual/quad" school of thought.
4) Budget is a big deal for me (student/lazy/summer doesn't equate to $$$)

:bounce: Thank you very much...particularly looking forward to hearing from the overclock gurus.
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  1. Dont get a 8500GT to play a new game on high. Very bad idea. Get a 4850.
    The 2180 will oc to 3.0 easy. The 5200 might get released on the 10th along with the 8600. It would be worth the wait. The 5200 has a higher multi 12.5 vs 10 qnd the 5200 overclocks to 4.0 on air. It is gonna be around $90.

    To get the most out of your ram you need to run the CPU FSB 400, which the 2180 doesn't like very well. You might get lucky though. YOu would need to lower the multi to 8 or maybe even 7 to run at 400. Also you would need some high voltage.
  2. go with e7200 + 9800gtx
  3. He said hes limted to money, i dont think he can afford a 4850 or 9800gtx. The total cost of that rig you have is around 400$ i believe. The 8500gt is what 70-80$? instead of that get the 9600gt or 8800gt. The 3870 or 3850 is also a desicion. The 4850 goes about what 180+ 150 if you get lucky, and the 9800gtx goes for 200+ too. You should be able to get a e7200 + 9600gt/8800GT/3850/3870. The 8800gt and the 3870 is the best out of those. Also they are easy to OC too. Espically the 9600gt.
  4. Definitely swap the video card for at least a 9600GT or 3870. Everything besides the CPU and cooler seem ok; I would get a newer CPU that's 45nm (E7200 perhaps, as the others have said) and swap out that Zalman for something like a Freezer 7 Pro (or another one, aluminum coolers aren't nearly as good as copper ones and that 7700 is an old design)
  5. My mistake for not mentioning the tight budget...that's right killyou400p; the setup is about $460 right now and I want to keep it below 500 if possible. Replies have been helpful, thanks.
  6. Everything looks good except for the case. I would highly recommend you get a nice case that's solidly built, has more room and removable drive bays are a plus. It's something you'll be able to reuse for years and know it will meet your needs. Cheap cases just aren't worth it...especially if you go to upgrade your video card down the line and the new one won't fit. That'd be a real bummer.
  7. The Antec Sonata III with Antect Earthwatts 500w PSU combo on newegg has free shipping and comes out to the same price as the case (w/ shipping) and PSU you listed.
    Antec Sonata III Black steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 500W Power Supply - Retail $99.95

    Thats a great deal and is an upgrade that doesn't change your budget.
  8. For video card, why is nobody mentioning the 9600 gso or 8800gs? Should be able to pick one of those up reasonable, and they should blow away the 8600 series cards.
  9. Getting a P35 is going to limit your GPU upgradeability as the next generation of GPU will likely be hindered by PCI-e 1.1 so if upgrading to a to a top of the line card in the lifetime of you mobo is likely then your probably better off getting a P43 or P45 for PCI-e 2.0 support.

    If you wait for the e5200 then you will be able to overclock it with pretty much any p43 but atm they seem to have a fsb limit of 400 so it would limit your OCing choices with future CPU upgrades. You could get the asrock for $75 which is supposed to be capable of 420 fsb giving you a theoretical +5ghz oc on a e5200. Supports ddr3 too.

    Or if you are willing to spend a few dollars more you can get the biostar TP45 for $106 after mir which is capable of getting 700 fsb on wolfdales and 550 fsb wall on yorkfields.

    All that said, with affordable 4g ram your really only likely to hit ~500 fsb anyways.
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