How can I find out if processor works with 1 pc?


HI yeah just been reading all this with great interest as its the closest posts ive seen to the problem im havin

My pc worked and does work fine first using 601 then 1204 bios on an m2n4-sli board I updated it using ASUS update tool. and athough verify came up with an error after installing the updated bios the machine still boots up fine, but the reason I updated the bios in the first place was so that I could run another processor which is an AMD Athlon 6400+ x2 64 the black edition. However both before I flashed the board and after. I get the same problem on trying to boot up an audio code consisting of 1 long then 2 short beeps; but if I re-install my original processor it works again fine any1 have a good idea whats wrong here? Basically I need to know whether the prcessor has blown or whether its a different issue,

As far as I have read the board should support these processors with the updated bios.

Must be one of these reasons:....

Unsupported processor
Corrupt bios 1204
incorrect bios settings (how do I fix this?)
fault with mobo
faulty processor ~(this is what I beleive already)
video adaptor fault

From reading around the fault would appear to be occuring because of either a video adaptor problem or psu problem but my machine works perfectly well with my old processor AMD 5200+ x2 64 and the video card has been recently replaced my psu is a hiper 670 watts which I dont think is the problem

Thx in advance

Bios 1204 was 601
AMD athlon 5200+ x2 64
Windows xp pro 64 bit edition
4gb 667ddr2 memory
BFG Gforce 8800gtx PCI-E 768mb ddr3
Western digital 80gb hdd IDE
Maxtor 250gb SATA hdd
Samsung 750gb SATA hdd
3x fans + cpu fan + gfx fan
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  1. you need to reflash your bios with your old cpu.
  2. Reflash the bios with EZ Flash in bios and a usb flash drive. Format the flash drive to FAT and copy the bios rom to it. Check your manual it will explain how to use the EZ flash tool. It is safer than Asus update program.
  3. yeah i hate the asus update.

    Did you already swap in the new CPU??
  5. BadTrip said:
    yeah i hate the asus update.

    Not off topic but a bit of an aside. I bought an $89 MSI barebones a couple of years ago while waiting for the 690G to arrive. It had an Nvidia 405 chipset and was kind of quirky in that it didn't support many ATI graphics cards, so I got a 7600GS.

    After I upgraded with a new AMD/ATI system last year, I wanted to flash the old barebone's bios before giving it to a friend to replace his aging P4. Well, I relied upon MSI's program and I was lazy that night and didn't back up the old bios.

    So, I clicked continue and I saw some Via information scrolling in the window. Well, it was dead when I rebooted. I had to e-mail MSI and they replaced the motherboard. It was still my board so it was a legit replacement. Still, my friend was able to build his new budget PC, but he had to wait till I got it back and tested it with my CPU.

    Next time, I not only follow the time honored method of backing up the old bios, but I do not trust an automatic update program. I need to flash my wife's ASUS 690G to accept a 9600.
  6. Many years ago, I had Winflash kill a board also.
  7. Just so you feel a little better. If you bricked the mobo, then you wouldn't have been able to restore the old BIOS anyway. If you didn't brick the mobo you should have been able to get the old BIOS from the website.
  8. It looked to me like the Live Update utility coded by MSI chose the wrong bios. I'm just glad it didn't move on to the 7600gs and screw that up too, but at least it rebooted for the motherboard bios to tank before it scanned the GPU.

    If I'd had a diskette, then I should have been able to boot to diskette and restored the old bios. I'm not sure that board supported booting to USB. At any rate, MSI was informed what happened and had no issues replacing it as it was barely still within warranty.
  9. Yeah, I hate the Windows based BIOS flash. Your right, if it only half bricks, you can sometimes restore from a floppy. Saving the BIOS makes it easier, but you can usually find the old one on the website.
  10. Thx 4 all the replies guys

    Well from what ive read your more all less telling me that the new cpu is proberbly still working
    Just couple of things ill make clear I updated the bios WITH the ORIGINAL processor installed as obviously the new processor isnt working Atm I updated it using the update tool as I dont have a floppy drive or USB flash drive, lol looks like I need to buy one of these first. Guess that must be cheaper than getting a new board?
    Unless there is a way of installing the bios with the cd, dvd drive which I havent heard anyone do. The only BIOS which appears to be suitable for an upgraded processor is 1204 which is Beta presumably its been proven to work correctly as really I was looking for 1202 but couldnt find this anywhere on the internet. I would gather from all this then that you know what the audio codes are trying to let me know as I havent got a clue about them ....

    thx guys

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