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i have just got windows 7 i wanted to get rid of vista so i did custom install twice and now i have a 2 windows old files i just wanted to get rid of it all
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  1. Are you planning to reinstall yet again.

    If so, as the installer runs you'll be offered the option to delete partitions and format the drive. Let it do that and you will be rid of previous installs.
  2. Please remember to backup or save your files, docs, photos, music, etc. to another HDD or another primary partition on the disk before you do a clean install of Win7 on your existing HDD - deleting the partition and formatting the drive will pretty much render everything on the HDD (or that partition) unrecoverable.
  3. if you mean a folder called "windows.old" then I'm not sure it's hurting anything (as long as you're not out of HD space). I would see about archiving it somewhere, or renaming it something else, run for a while to make sure you don't need it, then just delete it. The install presumably moved everything you need to your current windows folder.
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