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Hi all,

I thought I'd run an unofficial poll of sorts. There are many software utilities that can be used for system monitoring and overclocking. Being new to the business, I'm not sure where to start. I've played a bit with NVidia's performance tools, I've looked at ATiTool, Rivatuner, and maybe one or two others. But I'd prefer to find one that works well and stick with it.

What, in your opinion, is the best OC software you've ever used, in terms of ease-of-use, features and functionality? Please list CPU and GPU software separately where applicable.

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  1. CPU:
    CoreTemp to monitor temperatures
    CPU-Z to monitor CPU freqs and so forth
    Prime95 for stability testing.

    I do not OC GPU's. I rely on CPU-Z to monitor GPU temps.

    I am starting to tinker with OCCT.
  2. CPU:
    Overclock in BIOS
    Coretemp or Realtemp for Temp monitoring
    Prime95 for stability testing
    CPUz for information

    Overclock in BIOS
    Memtest for stability testing
    CPUz for information

    Rivatuner for basic overclocking
    RBE for permanent ATI overclocking (through the cards BIOS)
    ATI Tool, Crysis, 3dMark, etc. for stability testing
    GPUz for temps and information
  3. CPU:
    CoreTemp & RealTemp

    rthdribl for stressing it
    I've toyed around AtiTools, but didn't like it much


    I used to use NVTemplogger for GPU temps, but now I trust GPU-Z more
  4. All free utilities:

    Overclock in BIOS
    SetFSB software overclocking for Notebooks if BIOS won't overclock
    Hard Mod overclocking for Notebooks if SetFSB doesn't have the registered PLL
    CPU-Z for information
    Prime 95 for Stability Testing
    RealTemp (for Intel CPU's)
    CoreTemp (for AMD CPU's)
    SpeedFan (for unlocked AMD CPU's)

    GPU-Z for information
    FurMark for Stability and Benchmark testing
    RivaTuner (latest graphics drivers won't work with it)
    EVGA Precision (which will also work for MSI, but need to reboot for settings to take effect)
  5. CPU & Memory:
    OC in Bios
    CPUz for info
    CoreTemp for temps
    Prime95 for stability
    Memtest for ram stability

    CCC (I'm not aggressive enough to fool with the voltage)
    HAWX menu screen for stability (I swear by it, as Furmark is too abusive to ATI cards for my tastes)
    GPUz for monitoring temps
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