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Ive got a DFI LP DK M2RS, Athlon X2 5200 and a G.Skill 2x2GB PI Black set. The RAM is rated at DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 2T @ 1.9V. Ive found that i cant go much higher than 3.1 Ghz on the CPU so thats my limit there. This sets my RAM speed at about 890. I was thinking that instead of this I might try setting the RAM to 4-4-4-12 1T. With the limit on the CPU the best 667 underclock that i can achieve would put the RAM at 780Mhz. Obviously i would have to bump the voltage. My questions are: 1. Would PI Blacks be stable or would they possibly die at 1T with high volts? 2. Would the cons of dropping the clock a full 100Mhz outweigh the pros of a 1T setting? 3. At 780Mhz would i be able to also drop the tCL to 3? Is it safe to try with PI Blacks? Thanks for your help.
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  1. you might. if you set your DDR2 to 400 then you might get 4-4-4-12 1 T at single channel I don't know about dual channel then try to overclock from there. your have to play around with it.i know if you keep overclocking alot it not safe.lol your end up with a Blue screen errors. or black screen errors
  2. ok thank you. i actually tried CL3 at 780MHz and had to reset the CMOS. 1T was stable at 2.1V and 780Mhz but didnt seem to be faster than my current setting of 2T at 890Mhz. I think i'll keep the current overclock, as it is perfectly stable at 2.0V, and like you say I might start to see some damage if i keep screwing around lol
  3. Just keep the command rate at 2t, and try to find the highest stable overclock you can.
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