Helppp me please!!


Soo i just upgraded from my Radeon 3850 to a 8800gts 512MB (G92).

I ran 3dmark06 and i only got 11,110 at stock clocks.. is this right????? my 3850 overclocked got a bit higher then that

my current rig is -

Athlon X2 6400 B.E @ 3.4GHZ
2GB Corsair Ram @ 800mhz
Thermaltake sopranoRS Case
Coolmaster Eclipse cpu cooler
M2nE-SLI Mobo
geForce 8800gts (g92) 805 Core/ 2040 shader/ 1130 memory

my 3dmark06 score after overclockign is only 12.5K is this right??? i noticed on ORB that ppl with the same setup easily get over 13.5K is somthing wronge???

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  1. That score is just fine. NEVER ever, ever, ever, ever base a graphics cards capabilities SOLEY on 3DMark 06. ATI cards usually score quite high in 3DMark06 but often perform worse than Nvidia's offerings. (Example: 2900XT) It had a great 3Dmark score, but was very meager in game performance. I used to get just over 12K with my 8800GTX and E6600 @3.4Ghz, so your score seems right in line. Run some gaming benchmarks and you will clearly see that your GTS is more powerful than the 3850. - Annisman
  2. Yes, I would play some games and use fraps to see your frame rates. Judge more by the game play and visualization than the score. It does feel good to see a higher score I will admit but thats not everything.
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