What is THE best monitor bigger than 25 in??

Hey all,
I've been trying to do my homework looking for an upgrade from my 19" lcd monitor. Anyway, ive been confused on which to buy from the things ive heard, I'm pondering between the Hanns G 28, The T260hd samsung and i think thats it. I'm looking for something also under 600.
Thanks in advance,
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  1. What do you plan to use the LCD for? Office work/web? Video/pic editing? gaming? What resolution? Also mind listing the specs of the PC you are going to hook this up to?
  2. The Hanns-G 28 inch is great,but a NEC 30 inch is the best...Provided,you have the money,which is NOT within your budget.
  3. right hence the lower than 600 :P. And in reply to the other post, i am primarily gaming, then surfing the web, then watching movies. I was thinking a resolution around 1900x1200
  4. so, basically go with samsung not hanns g??
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