Can my case handle the heat?

Hi, im in the middle of putting my computer together and am not sure if it can handle the heat that will be generated inside.
My case is the lian-li A06

and the parts i am putting in it are:
intel i7 920
600 watt psu
asus rampage gene ii motherboard
1 hard drive 7200rpm
geforce gtx 275

the front fan at the moment is blocked by the blue glow thing. however i can take that off to open up the grill to allow better air flow for the psu and the fan.

would just like some reassurance that the parts wont get damaged :P

Any help would be brilliant thank you
even recommendations for different cases =)
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  1. Do you already have the Lian Li case? Are you planning on overclocking? Are you going to be playing games?
  2. yes i have the case but ill buy a new one if it wont work, my own fault for not doin more research anyways
    no wont be overcloking
    will probably be playing games yes
    thanks for getting back :)
  3. You'll be fine (there are better cases, buy tou already own that case). Btw, you are using some case fans on the front and rear right? Also, is there a side panel fan?
  4. no im afraid there is no side panel fan
    yeah theres a 12cm fan on the front and an 8cm intake fan on the back
    would it make much of a difference opening up the grill on the front?
    idm, obv know...its blue..and it glows :P
  5. The air flow from the back of the case to the front and the power supply located at the front are different from what we usually see. Although unusual it should work. If you want you can open/remove the grill on the front and back to improve airflow. I did that for a case mod and several builds.

    BTW - The power supply will pull warm air from the interior of the case and exhaust it out the front of the case. That will help with the airflow and cooling.
  6. oh ok! :D
    thank you so much for explaining it to me. :)
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