Can the 9800gtx+ hand this raidmax PSU?

Hi, I'm buying the evga 9800gtx+ and I need a good/cheap PSU to go with it.

I found this raidmax PSU

However the power requirements of the 9800gtx+ is 450watts, and 12v and 24amps

The raidmax has the following for the outputs:
Output +3.3V@28A,+5V@34A,+12V1@20A,+12V2@17A,

Do this mean that the raidmax is 4amps short for the 9800gtx? Or is the watts the only thing that will matter?

Thx for any help, ill check back in a bit
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  1. It sounds fine.

    That PSU has 2 12v rails, so if you're only getting one GTX+ you can add the amps of the 2 rails together, so it should handle the card no problem.
  2. It will work fine,as you have two 12V+ rails.I know a guy who only has like two 17 amp rails,and it works fine for him paired with an E8400.
    Also,this Smilodon package includes the PSU.
  3. Thx for the help guys!

    As for the case, I think it'd be cheaper if I buy an NZXT apollo case (60$ after rebate with free shipping) and the PSU seperately, I'll probably get a better deal.
  4. it will work fine but i dont recommend that psu. i bough it and it broke within 2months luckily nothing went out in my system.
    i would recommend something like this:
  5. It doesn't look like a good psu, specially since it doesn't even have a 80+ certificate which basically guarantees the psu is working with at least 80% efficiency and 100% real wattage.

    Go for a XFX 650w semi modular , thermaltake Smart 650w , Corsair CX600, etc they won't dissapoint
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